Since WORXpro inception a decade ago, we have primarily served international market by being an offshore outsourcing company. As the company grew, the team, too, evolved constantly, getting acquainted to the demands of new technology and newer innovations—we have been continuously learning.

We also take immense pride in the fact that we were able to contribute to the foreign currency revenue generation for the nation, and thereby able to make a small contribution to decrease Nepal’s immense trade deficit.

2014 was a new dawn for WORXpro. We partnered with Kantipur Digital Corp in order to re-design and recalibrate Nepal’s most visited website The re-development of the decade old news portal, with large number of web-savvy readers, was an exciting challenge but along the process we learned even more. It brought to our attention that needs of the online news industry, the demands of today’s audience and how the two would benefit from new approaches.

We thank Kantipur Media Group for letting us innovate. With the Group understanding our research and giving us the opportunity to build the website from scratch, we could build an online infrastructure that should have positive impact on how news is delivered and consumed.

Probably, one of the first news portals to incorporate artificial intelligence, eKantipur understands the importance of news and how it circulates among targeted audience. At the moment, the use of artificial intelligence is highly experimental and despite the results not being on par, it already shows us its vast potential—it is the way of the future.

The days ahead are challenging but are exciting as well. We will still be innovating and we will be working on a project that is still new and very young to the world. We are headed to new frontiers with the prime goal of creating human–digital symbiosis easy and natural.

We are driven by the urge to innovate, to find solutions in the interest of human and society and to evolve along with the ever-evolving digital age.